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To Leave Yourself Hanging

Jonanthan Kettle

Imagine you are to have an examination. This examination will shine the spotlight on what you have to say. That you have to say something is not in doubt; what is in doubt is what you have to say. What do you have that you can say? What if this examination were to ask you to say something from what you have read of a text? From where do you say something, anything, in this regard? What you can say from reading a text, can it ever be disentangled from your history, your subjection to the vicissitudes of your life? ...

A Proposal for Membership: The Website of the School

Alexander Karkar

The following paper was delivered before the membership of the Freudian School of Melbourne, School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis, on the 4th May 2019. Its aim was to interrogate the vexed relationship the School had maintained with its online presence for many years, and to raise the question of the function of a website more broadly, particularly as that function concerns a School of psychoanalysis.

Bespoke: The Psychoanalyst, the Tailor and the Torturer

David Pereira

In a conversation with a colleague some years ago now, he made the following observation posed as a question: “Have you noticed how so many misfits are drawn to psychoanalysis?” ...

The Analyst and the School:
A Restless and Asymmetrical Association of Pluralities

Alexander Karkar

There has been a lot of talk within The Freudian School of Melbourne of late – talk which, in orienting itself around the implementation of changes to the structure of the School’s annual conference, and following significant renovations made to its Foundations of Psychoanalysis Seminar, may begin to resonate with the tremor of torque...


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