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Tine Norregaard-Arroyo, Sarah Jones

This year the editorial committee has engaged in the work of a cartel addressing questions around the position of the father in psychoanalysis. The cartel was a device invented by Lacan to redirect the transference beyond the ideals of the Subject Supposed of Knowledge, towards the transference of work for each one.

Joyce-Lacan Symposium: Here Comes Everybody


In 1975 on Bloomsday, the day in 1904 on which Joyce’s novel Ulysses is set, Jacques Lacan opened the 5th International Joyce Symposium at the Sorbonne, in Paris, with a paper entitled ‘Joyce the Symptom’. To commemorate this event 30 years ago four psychoanalytic associations are organising a Joyce-Lacan Symposium to take place in Dublin in 2005.

The Rules of the Game

Michael Plastow

In working with a group of autistic children, one of the clinical difficulties we encounter is their obliviousness to the usual social rules in which the social bond is manifested, rules that make possible the interactions, the relations between us. Thus the setting up of such a group necessitates some preliminary rules to attempt to provide a certain structure to the group. This is not a question of teaching children a number of rules as so many so-called social skills, but of providing a framework that might allow the group to function.

The Ex-sistence of the Father in the Seminar of David Pereira

Madeline Andrews

On the dust jacket of an English translation of Early Poems, 1947– 1959, Yves Bonnefoy’s writing is described as a means of “spiritual illumination” accessed through the “brokenness and poverty of language”.2 In his poem, Du mouvement et de l’immobilite de Douvé, which in many respects reads as a testimony of mourning, a vacillating movement between a type of faith (in remembrance) and resignation (forgetting proper) struggles for resolution at the brink of the limitations of language.

The Lacanoamerican Reunion of Psychoanalysis of Florianópolis

The Lacanoamerican Reunion is an event that occurs during a particular time and place every two years; this time in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Against Dissolution: Some reflections on a Clinical Observation

Roberto P. Neuburger

How is it possible to find reference points in a society in which they seem absent – a society that deems to restore these in the Real by means of spasmodic fits of ferocious enragement? Indeed, if psychoanalysis should become a cultural endeavour – like the drying up of the Zuydersee – it needs then to keep some anchoring points, even if menaced by shadows, whether in a gradually declining world or even within the psychoanalytic institution itself

The Gaze of Gustave Courbet’s L’origine du Monde – a Response to Juan Davila

Linda Clifton

"In the scopic field everything is articulated between two terms that act in an antinomic way – on the side of things, there is the gaze, that is to say, things look at me, and yet I see them...