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Writing and Writers

Sarah Jones* Ben Scot McGill* Tine Norregaard-Arroyo• Christiane Weller*

This year the editorial committee has undertaken the project of producing a joint writing from the work of a cartel. To leave the space open for a play between different voices, the cartel has decided to present its work in the form of an editorial article. In the following we investigate aspects of the interface of psychoanalysis and literature.

The Era of Lite

Michael Plastow

We are currently in the era of ‘Lite’. The products that we consume on a daily basis have been modified and sanitised are now advertised as being Lite. Hence our milk is Lite, butter is Lite, the yoghurt we eat is Lite and the Coke that we choose is Lite. After a long day at work we can sit down to a Lite beer, accompanied by some Lite potato chips. We can light up a Lite cigarette and turn on the television and watch the News which is now also Lite, with readilydigestible (sound-) bites that have short, truncated sentences whose sole purpose is to accompany the images. The Lite-ness of the News is also conveyed by the little pleasantries between the presenters.

Approaching Lol V. Stein

Sarah Jones

"When I prepare to read a piece of fiction I look forward to reading something that is true in a way that no piece of scientific writing or philosophical writing or biographical writing or even autobiographical writing can be true"...

The Irish Question

Peter Gun

In 2004 I was considering whether to go to the Joyce-Lacan Symposium.1 I had been to Ireland, and to Dublin, twice; my last visit was in 2000 and the first many years before. During this time I came across a review of a book on the history of Ireland in the twentieth century: The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000. On my visit in 2000 I had gained an impression of significant change in Ireland and the title seemed to be a confirmation of this.